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Flaxseed Oil and Companion Nutrients -
a Match Made in Nutritional Heaven!

Flaxseed oil-the king of good fats

Flaxseed oil is considered by many scientists and nutritionists to be the absolute best type of "good" fat that we can consume. If you are looking for ways to increase the levels of healthy fats in your diet, look no further than the beautiful golden yellow oil with the slightly nutty taste.

The main reason flaxseed oil is so nutritionally impressive is because it contains very impressive amounts of essential fatty acids (or EFAs), extremely healthful nutrients we cannot produce on their own. Omega-3 and omega-6 are the two most common types of EFA. Flaxseed oil has been shown to contain more omega-3 than any other source on Earth (about twice as much as fish oil), and a very respectable amount of omega-6.

Signs and symptoms of EFA deficiency

Because the average American diet has declined in quality (while definitely increasing in quantity!) over the years, the vast majority of us are woefully lacking in essential fatty acids. In fact, nutritional studies indicate that all of us are 90 percent deficient in EFAs. In other words, we tend to get only 10 percent of the EFAs that we need from the foods we eat.

The various signs and symptoms of an EFA deficiency range from relatively subtle and generalized complaints like general fatigue, dry skin, and feeling blah and unmotivated, to the much more blatant and serious health problems like high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and depression. Because so many of these symptoms are on the vague side, and because there are often other explanations for them as well, diagnosing an EFA-deficiency can be tricky. However, it is not uncommon for someone who notices a few of these symptoms cropping up to start looking and feeling a lot better just a few short weeks after adding EFA-rich flaxseed oil to the diet.

The importance of the oil-protein combination

At this point, many of us are probably ready to start taking flaxseed oil, and that's great! But before you begin, it's important to learn about an interesting yet relatively little-known phenomenon called the oil-protein combination.

This journey will take us over to Germany, where noted biochemist Dr. Johanna Budwig lives and works. Simply put, Dr. Budwig is one of the most amazing researchers and scientists of all time, and what she has discovered about flaxseed oil offers hope to cancer patients all over the world.

As part of her research, Dr. Budwig has spent a lot of time studying blood samples, trying to determine if there are any major differences between the blood of a healthy person and the blood drawn from someone who is ill. Interestingly, Dr. Budwig found that consistently, blood taken from healthy people had a much higher level of omega-3 essential fatty acids. She conducted further research and soon discovered that flaxseed oil is the richest source of omega-3. She decided to begin giving her patients flaxseed oil to see if their health would improve.

However, Dr. Budwig also discovered that flaxseed oil needed something added to it in order for it to be as effective and assimilated as much as possible. She determined through added research that in order for healthy fat like flaxseed oil to absorb into the body, it must first be combined in the correct ratio with what is called a sulfurated protein. Doing so, she found, allowed the essential fatty acids in flaxseed oil to actually bind together with the sulfurated protein, which then allows the EFAs to be properly absorbed and utilized by our systems. Dr. Budwig determined that quark, which is sort like a German form of cottage cheese, contained all of the sulfurated proteins needed for flaxseed oil to get into the body and go to work improving our health.

Dr. Budwig began using her revolutionary oil-protein combination of 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil mixed with ¼ cup of quark to treat her patients, many of whom were terminally ill with cancer. In many cases, Dr. Budwig reported that within a matter of days many of the sickest patients were not only feeling better, but for some, their tumors actually began to shrink in size.

So, if you want to truly get all of the benefits flaxseed oil has to offer, you should not take it by itself. Granted, you would probably be better off than if you didn't take it at all, but in order to improve your health as much as possible and absorb as much of the oil into your system as possible, you must try to adhere to Dr. Budwig's oil-protein combination every time.

BioSan Companion Nutrients-the perfect partner for flaxseed oil

At this point, you might be wondering if quark is the only option to combine with your flaxseed oil, and if so, if this means booking reservations on the next flight to Germany. Fortunately, there are other sulfurated proteins that we can mix with flaxseed oil that will give us the same needed oil-protein combination (although check the dairy section the next time you are in a health food store-some places do carry quark). For example, cottage cheese, yogurt, and skim milk are all great substitutes.

However, natural supplements like flaxseed oil really should be consumed on a daily basis, and over the course of a year this adds up to a lot of cottage cheese or yogurt! Even the most devoted dairy-product lover would probably have a hard time mustering up the enthusiasm for that much cottage cheese or skim milk. In addition, some folks are allergic to dairy products and could not eat cottage cheese or yogurt, even if they wanted to. Still others simply don't care for the taste of yogurt or any other dairy product.

Fortunately, Nature's Distributors has come up with the perfect solution to the oil-protein dilemma. BioSan Companion Nutrients contain all of the nutrients found in sulfurated protein-rich foods like quark or cottage cheese. In addition to vitamins A, B and C and various minerals like magnesium and zinc, Companion Nutrients contain L-Methionine. This key ingredient is the much-needed sulfurated protein that can combine with flaxseed oil and allow it to do its work more efficiently.

Two Companion Nutrient capsules are all that you need to take the place of ¼ cup of cottage cheese or yogurt, and as an added bonus, you can just toss the bottle in your suitcase when you travel (which is not exactly the case with cottage cheese!). BioSan Companion Nutrients may be used along with either the liquid or capsule form of flaxseed oil. Whether you take them every single time you consume flaxseed oil, or just to get a break from cottage cheese, you can rest assured that BioSan Companion Nutrients will provide exactly the type of nutrients your body needs in order for flaxseed oil to get to its final destination-your improved health!


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