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The BudWig Formula


Oil and Water Don’t Mix!

Everyone knows oil and water don’t mix.  We also know the human body is made up of about 70% water.  Flax oil is natures richest vegetable source of the essential fatty acids (EFA’s), Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are required by but not produced by the human body.  These are known as “the good fats”.  So how do we assimilate the EFA’s into our system effectively?  Introduce Dr Johanna Budwig. Dr Budwig was a renowned German scientist with extensive training in natural sciences including chemistry, bio-chemistry, pharmacology, and physics. She was a widely published author and also served as the chief expert of drugs and fats for The Federal Health Office in Germany. This is equivalent to Food and Drug Administration in The United States, and while working there, Dr. Budwig was responsible for overseeing pharmaceuticals and food products.  With her deep understanding of biochemistry and physics, she knew that eating Flax Oil alone would not be enough to create the healing effects that she was looking for. So she created a method that involves the blending of Flax Oil with the proteins in Quark (or cottage cheese) in order to make it water soluble and easy for the body to absorb.  This is why her diet is often called the "Oil Protein Diet".   You can read  a more detailed report on this amazing process here.

We at BioNatures, with the technology of today, isolated the key nutrients found in Dr Buidwigs protein source, and turned them into an easy to ingest capsule form, called EFA Companion Nutrients.  Now you can get maximum absorption of your daily EFA’s by combining this proprietary formula with your daily intake of flax oil.  And it’s only available here, at BioNatures.


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