Why buy your flax oil from Bionatures?


  1.  Quality.  We produced the first cold pressed, virgin, organic flax oil ever sold in the United States, in 1987. We made it to the exacting standard set forth by Dr. Johanna Budwig, the world’s foremost authority on the many therapeutic benefits of this omega 3 powerhouse. We still make it the same way.  In fact, because we won’t sacrifice freshness for profit, we don’t sell to stores, where the product can sit for months.  We make small batches often, package it in oxygen free HDPE bottles and only sell it directly to you, the end user.
  2. Value.  Because we do not sell to stores or any other middleman, we market our product to you at wholesale price.  So you get the finest, gourmet quality oil at about half the price of our competition.  We also offer free shipping on orders of $90. Or more.
  3. Taste.  While we don’t promote taste as a priority when buying flax oil, it sure does make a difference when you are drinking an ounce or two every day. Our original C-Leinosan clear oil has a very pleasant fresh, nutty taste and goes great on salads, cereal, or yogurt.  We have many more recipes available at www.bionatures.com
  4. Education.  We have a wealth of information available in the blog section at www.bionatures.com including a very extensive “Flax FAQ”.
  5. Service.  When you sign up as a customer at Bionatures, you become part of our VIP family.  You get coupons and discounts on all of our products, as well as regular notifications of news and updates about what’s happening in the world of natural and preventative health.  We also have live help available Mon-Fri at 800-624-7114.
  6. Credibility.  Don’t take our word for it, go check out what thousands of customers have to say about our products and service.  We have an extensive amount of third party, verified reviews at www.bionatures.com.  In addition we have an A rating with Doctortrusted.org , a consumer protection organization.  We proudly display their badge on our website. 

Flax oil is one item that absolutely should be in your daily nutritional regimen.  It has more unique benefits for human health than any other single food or supplement.  Let Bionatures be your source, we welcome you to our family.


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