Flax vs Chia Seeds, which is better? April 11 2016

The following video is the property of Nutritionfacts.org  and Michael Greger, M.D.  We admire both very much.

The video transcript is below.

"Flax seeds have also been shown to slow prostate cancer, but which is healthier? Chi-chi-chi-chia, or flax?

Well, there are three reasons why people eat flax: the cardioprotective omega-3s, the cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber, and the cancer-fighting lignans. Compared to chia seeds, flax has more omega-3s. But to my surprise, chia has significantly more fiber, which makes chia Obama very happy. Looks like lignans are going to be the decider.

Flax has always been considered so amazing because it has about a hundred times more cancer-fighting lignans than any plant in the world—until, evidently, chia seeds were tested. According to the website of “better than flax” Anutra brand chia seeds, chia has 25 times more lignans than flax.

That’s incredible! No really, that’s in-credible. I called them up, challenged them on it, and it turns out they lied. Flax is healthier. "   To learn more about flaxseed meal, click HERE