To Lignan or not to Lignan.

When I first read Dr Johanna Budwig's translated studies regarding oil and protein combinations and their impact on health, I was stunned by the claims she was making regarding linseed (flaxseed) oil, when combined with certain proteins. She said the combo stimulated white blood cells to seek out and destroy foreign invaders in our body, like cancer, rheumatoid disease, and many others. Furthermore, she was personally treating cancer patients with her natural protocol, and had achieved some remarkable results. We in the free world had never heard of her work, due to the fact that when Russia built the wall in Berlin, her home was on the east side. Also noticeably missing from the early work was any reference to lignans, the plant phenols derived from the linseed.(flaxseed) That was in 1987, and I still had my hair. And it was brown.    For a detailed definition of lignans read THIS


Fast forward to 2021. 34 years later. And I'm still learning. Yes, I'm a geek when it comes to flaxseeds. They fascinated me then and they still do today. Probably because of their almost supernatural power to do good things in the human body. Or maybe it's because we have only scratched the surface of our understanding of how they work, why they work. For me it's like Quantum Mechanics is for Cosmologists. We don't really understand it, it flies in the face of known physical laws, it shouldn't exist. Yet there it is, reversing tumors, reducing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, giving relief to the agonizing pain of Rheumatoid disease. And much more.  But don't get me wrong, we have learned a lot about the many benefits derived from this miraculous little seed since the days of Dr Budwig.  Not the least of which has been the discovery that the lignans derived from the tiny flaxseed might be even more powerful than flaxseed oil, which has all lignans removed as part of the extraction process.

As more and more research has been done on lignans, I came to realize that this plant phenol was extremely important. A powerful antioxidant, its anti cancer benefit was really revealed in 2013 when three researchers did a study of studies done up to that point. Yes, I said a study of studies. They found 1,892 records that pertained to their criteria. From those they pulled 10 studies that fit.

Their conclusion? 

"Current evidence suggests that flax consumption may decrease risk of breast cancer development and may exert antitumor effects in women with breast cancer when used at doses of 25 g ground flaxseed or 50 mg SDG per day."

SDG refers to the concentrated fom of lignans found in flax seed extract.. You can find the complete study HERE.  

Part 2 next week

Link to ground flaxseed HERE

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