Flaxseed oil is Flaxseed oil.

So for 35 years I have touted the benefits of flaxseed oil to you and anyone who would listen. I'm its biggest fan. That hasn't changed. But, (you KNEW there was a "but coming) I have changed my mind about the importance of the oil vs the ground seed. Most of the really amazing findings about the power of this little seed have come from the study of lignans, the plant phenol found in the seeds. It is not found in the oil. Now the oil has very high essential fat content and you need that. But the real alphabet of health benefits, in this context disease prevention and treatment, comes from the lignans. Which aren't found in the oil. Change is hard.  But sometimes change we must when science shows us a new path on our journey. I am taking that new path with Bionatures. I'm doing that knowing that I am giving up my number one selling product since I started this company. But I'm not really giving it up or taking it away. It's just taking a new form. Bionatures will continue to sell flaxseed oil. One with added lignans and one with both lignans and our proprietary Flax Catalyst powder.  I hope you embrace these products the same way you did the oil. The nutrient content, the DNA if you will, is exactly the same. But the powdered oil is so much more versatile, easy to use, mix, and store that it makes no sense to continue with the fragility of the liquid. We will continue to carry both oils in softgel capsule form. I'm sure there are questions. Feel free to ask, I have asked them all myself and am satisfied with the answers. This product is the better mousetrap. I added links to both below. Oh and I rolled back the price to be in line with the liquids. 

PS I am working on a flaxseed oil powder drink mix to make smoothies right now. Let me know your favorite flavor!

Farewell for now,

Mike M



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