How I manage aging and forgetfulness.

Let's see, what was I gonna talk about?  Oh yeah, forgetfulness! As I close in on my 65th birthday I have developed a checklist of age-related annoyances that I am noticing. When something new pops up, like stiffness in joints, aching back, sleep problems, or forgetting things to name a few, I add it to the list. Then I take that subject and research it for solutions, both natural and medical. Of course, I prefer *naturopathic and have been able to successfully manage many ailments that way, but on occasion, an **allopathic modality is best. Having been involved in the natural food and supplement business for 30 plus years I have learned a lot along the way. However, the difference between what we know now and 30 years ago could fill several books. So education is an ongoing job, one I happen to like. I get the added benefit of helping maintain my cognition that way too, use it or lose it applies to our brain also. I have narrowed the supplement part of brain maintenance down to one nutrient that I include as a "must-have daily" part of my health regimen. My criteria for selecting what I use myself comes down to two items.

1. Evidence. While anecdotal evidence is good, the scientific method is better.

2. Length of time in use. If a supplement has been used for many years for a specific reason, it's a good bet that it's users are realizing benefit from it.

In the past, I didn't take "folk medicine" seriously. It was and in many cases continues to be the primary tool of bad players in the supplement industry, aka the "snake oil salesmen" However over the years I have watched many of those home remedies come to the forefront through legitimate scientific studies, so I now will look at the evidence before condemning it. 

One of my greatest fears in aging has been the onset of dementia, or worse, Alzheimer's. To be sure some forgetfulness is normal and actually has more to do with our ability to filter out irrelevant details than any reduction in brain cells. You can see information about that study by clicking HERE. The takeaway here cannot be emphasized enough, you need to keep exercising your brain, forever!

But I digress. (not age-related, a little ADD though) The supplement I use daily is Phosphatydalserine.  Two things we know are facts.

1. Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a phospholipid that is a major component of cell membranes, making it a highly valuable nutrient for enhancing cognitive function. Without sufficient levels of PS, brain cells do not transmit nerve impulses properly. 2. PS declines as we age. 

These are facts and are not open to debate. What is debatable is whether taking it in supplement form can actually replace it. So that is where my research led me. What I learned was that how the PS is extracted and stabilized is the key to its potency and ***bioavailability.  

Again having the advantage of being in this business for so long, I have developed relationships with a lot of product manufacturers. I know who's good and avoid who isn't. The product I choose to use is Smart PS and it is made by Softgel Technologies, a superior softgel maker that focuses on quality and research. I trust this product for the following reasons:

• Enhanced stability. PS is highly unstable and therefore prone to degradation. A recent shelf-life study found that standard fluid PS material had degraded by nearly 20% within 18 weeks of encapsulation. By comparison, shelf-life studies on Memory Plus even after 24 months, the material showed absolutely no degradation.

• A proven cognitive enhancer. While many nutraceutical ingredients have been touted for their ability to improve cognitive performance, few have the scientific backing of PS.* Even the conservative has supported its use for age-related memory problems. Additionally, PS is the only brain health ingredient to have been granted a qualified health claim by the FDA.

• Safe. Bionatures Memory Plus™ material is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and is free of side effects. A safety study in elderly human subjects showed that PS caused no significant changes in biochemical or hematological safety parameters, and did not affect blood pressure or heart rate.

• Bioavailable. Unlike phosphatidylcholine, which is hoarded by the liver, PS is a modified form of PC that actually reaches the brain, making it a highly valuable nutrient for enhancing cognitive function.* Pharmacokinetic studies show that exogenous (supplemental) PS easily crosses the blood-brain-barrier.

To sum up, start doing two things today to stretch your cognitive abilities well into the future. Start reading, learn a musical instrument, watch educational programs, learn a new hobby. It doesn't matter which, just exercise your brain every day and it will serve you well. And of course, start taking Memory Plus every day. Available HERE for your convenience at VIP pricing.

* Naturopathic- a system or method of treating disease that employs no surgery or synthetic drugs but uses special diets, herbs, vitamins, massage, etc., to assist the natural healing processes.

** Allopathic- the method of treating disease by the use of agents that produce effects different from those of the disease treated. (standard orthodox medicine)

 *** Bioavailable- the extent to which a nutrient or medication can be used by the body.



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