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  • Sleep and Memory in the Aging Brain

    New findings reveal a connection between sleep and memory, and shed light on why forgetfulness is common in the elderly.
  • How I manage aging and forgetfulness.

    Let's see, what was I gonna talk about?  Oh yeah, forgetfulness! As I close in on my 65th birthday I have developed a checklist of age-related annoyances that I am noticing. When something new pops up, like stiffness in joints, aching back, sleep problems, or forgetting things to name a few, I add it to the list. Then I take that subject and research it for solutions, both natural and medical.
  • B-vitamins may slow onset of Alzheimer's, study finds

    Across the whole group, de Jager found that the people taking vitamins had a 30% reduced decline in brain tissue over two years compared with placebo. In people with the highest homocysteine levels in the blood at the start of the experiment, however, the vitamins provided most benefit, reducing brain shrinkage by 50% in these cases.