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The flax lignans in this powerful combination address the strong evidence for the prevention of breast cancer with the consumption of lignans, found in flax seeds. (See video HERE )  

Product 1. Vita Flax Lignans Complete 1 lb bag -  Flax seed is nature's richest source of lignans, providing as much as 800 times more than any other plant food. Our Vita Flax Complete takes fresh ground flax lignans meal and combines it with a sulfur-rich protein to make it more absorbable by the body. Reg price $10.96

Product 2.  Lignan-10 Flaxseed Oil Capsules, 180 ct -  Our flax seed capsules contain 10% lignans, more than any other brand. Easy and convenient, Lignan-10 is a great complement to Vita Flax and brings additional essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 to the package. Reg Price $23.60

Package Value $34.56  our price $17.28 (50% off)

The American Cancer Society reports that one in eight women will contract breast cancer. Unfortunately, breast cancer may be present for as long as four years before it can be detected by mammography or self-examination. Further, many women are under the misconception that if they do not have a family history of breast cancer, they need not be concerned. The truth is the majority of women today who are diagnosed with breast cancer show no family predisposition. The above facts call for every woman to implement a proactive approach to prevent the disease.

We suggest that every woman take at least one tablespoon of lignan-rich flaxseed oil daily to reduce her risk of breast cancer and minimize the potential for it to spread, should it occur.
Lignan-rich flaxseed oil is unique. Unlike regular flaxseed oil, the lignan-rich flax particulate from flaxseeds is retained in the oil, delivering powerful cancer fighting lignan precursors. There may not be a single nutritional supplement or pharmacological drug today that can offer the same level of protection against cancer and other diseases as delivered with the combination of flaxseed oil and lignan precursors.
Making the Case for Flaxseed Lignans


Flax lignans

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