The founder of Bionatures introduced the first flaxseed oil to the US market in 1987. The product was made to the strict standards as prescribed by Dr. Johanna Budwig, the renowned German biochemist who dedicated her life to health and the oil/protein combination known today as the Budwig Protocol. It is still made that way today.  Because we refuse to compromise that process, you won't find our products in stores. 
We make small batches often to maintain freshness and quality, no preservatives added. We only source our flax seeds from North American Organic farmers. Our Ground Flax is made using a patented process that gently shaves the flax seeds, which reduces damage and maintains potency for up to two years, naturally. Our oil is bottled in an oxygen-free environment, which allows a six month "best used by" date.  We were the first, we are still the best.

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