LIGNAN Flaxseed Oil Caps - 1000mg, 180 ct



Flax* has been found to contain 100 to 400 times more lignan that all other known sources. We use a process which preserves the lignan-containing fibers within the oil. 100% organic softgel capsules, each supplying twice the amount of omega-3 fatty acids as the typical fish oil supplement.  Learn more about the importance of Omega 3 Essential Fats are Essential Bionatures makes flax oil caps by following the exact protocol from Dr Johanna Budwig. Flax oil is the best vegetable source for Omega 3. Be sure to read our "News" section for up to the minute information about all things related to your health.

We only market our flaxseed oil directly to you. We do this because we won't add the chemical preservatives necessary to stabilize it for long stays on the store shelves. We make small batches often in order to guarantee the freshness date on each bottle. Our flax seed oil is available in easy to use capsules and liquid.  Lignans have been shown to be beneficial in a number of ways, including prevention of many forms of cancer, heart disease, joint degeneration, skin health, eye health and many other conditions. Since 1987 Bionatures has been bringing you only the finest organic flaxseed oil products. We were the first, we are still the best!

Another important fact is the source of the seeds for the oil. Many are turning to China for their flax seeds for extraction. We don't and we won't.



Directions / Usage

Take 3 or more softgels daily, or as directed by your health care professional.

 * Our flaxseed oil is sourced only from organic flax seed, from North American farmers.



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