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About Us

Quality and Affordability

Vitabase exists to provide you with quality health supplements at reasonable prices and offer you exceptional, personal customer service.
  • Our business is built on the principle that if we give you honest information, you will trust us with your health.

  • Our supplements are our own brand of scientifically backed products as well as other popular health supplements ranging from vitamins and herbs to skin care enhancers.

  • Our prices are very attractive AND our products are far superior to any of the brands you will find in your local store. One reason for our being able to combine quality products with reasonable pricing is that our transactions with you are strictly between our company and yourself. There are no other network marketing distribution methods.

Quality Ingredients

  • All ingredients are not created equal. Strict quality control procedures ensure that ingredients are free of unwanted impurities and contaminants.
  • Products range in quality. MSM is a perfect example of this fact: MSM is an essential ingredient in the relief of joint pain, but the quality of this product varies widely. Vitabase has chosen the most effective form called Opti-MSM.

  • Quality products have real science behind them, such as valid clinical studies. Find a product you know you can rely on—not simply a passing fad with no scientific merit.
  • Which ingredients are beneficial to meet specific health needs? This knowledge is imperative. Vitabase carefully monitors scientific journals and combines quality ingredients at optimal levels to enhance the overall effectiveness of a product.

  • All Vitabase brand products are manufactured within the USA. This is an important for quality because the FDA inspects our manufacturing facilities regularly. In other countries, governmental agencies may not necessarily exercise much control over manufacturing processes.
  • We source our ingredients from around the world. This is important because the best available ingredients are not necessarily made in the United States. For example, we get our liquid herbal extract ingredients from Europe because they are absolutely the best on the market.

  • Quality assurance procedures establish that the product is consistent and of high quality. Tests should verify the identity, potency, and purity of each raw ingredient. For tablets or capsules, disintegration tests should be conducted to ensure that the product assimilates properly in the body.
  • Manufacturing is often overlooked in the evaluation of health products, but it is extremely important. Superior manufacturing techniques are the foundation of Vitabase.


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