About Us

"Flaxseed oil is now used by millions of Americans for its spectacular health benefits, thanks to a young man who overcame many obstacles to bring it here."

Less than 20 years go, flaxseed was known as "linseed oil." The federal Food and Drug Administration reasoned humans couldn't use it because a distant cousin of the same name was sold as a paint additive.

This is the true story of how that changed in the 1980s...

Mike Minarsich, founder in 1986 of BioNatures, read a book about Dr. Johanna Budwig and her amazing work with fats, oils and proteins. Eager to know more, Mike unsuccessfully searched for the product she described—raw, cold-pressed linseed (now flaxseed) oil—at health-food stores and mail-order companies. He contacted William Fischer, publisher of Dr. Budwig's story, and discovered the German-born publisher had used "edible" linseed oil since he was a child. Furthermore, he was still getting it in tin cans from Germany, a very expensive process. Eventually, Mike found a Canadian company that produced "linseed" oil according to the standards of Dr. Budwig. And so BioNatures was born; it became the first company in America to import and sell linseed oil for human consumption.

After changing the name to "flaxseed or flax oil" to avoid confusion with linseed oil for paint, BioNatures went on to create companion products to help the bioavailability, or absorption, of the omega 3,6 and 9 found in the oil.  This effort gave birth to EFA Companion Nutrients and  Vita Flax Complete  . Then we thought, why stop there? Over the years we have carefully developed an entire line of product formulas designed specifically to maximize "bioavailability" of the primary nutrient. Today we have the finest, most absorbable nutritional supplement line available anywhere, giving you exactly what you need to maintain optimum health.  Remember the most expensive vitamin you will ever buy is the one that doesn't do anything.  Remember that when you see those discount vitamin companies' "buy 2 get 4 free" deals. BioNatures gives you 8 reasons to trust us as your nutritional supplement source:

1.  Every product we carry has an independent assay and analysis on file, proving what is on the label is what is in the bottle.

2.  We use scientific studies and professionals to formulate our products with one goal in mind, maximum absorption.

3.  We make small batches often, guaranteeing freshness and maximum potency.

4.  We only sell directly to consumers, eliminating the wholesale layer and passing the savings to you.

5.  We have been in business under the same ownership for close to 30 years.

6.  We maintain a vast resource center on our website, giving you information on all the nutritional products we carry and why we carry them.  Self-education is the key to longterm, whole-body health.

7.  We rely on many and varied guest experts on our blog, found HERE, these are guests writers on everything from yoga to alternative health practices.

8.  We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything we produce.

So make BioNatures a part of your health plan today.  Quality of life realized from optimum, whole body health is our most precious asset.  We want to be your partner in maintaining that asset.