Breast Health Bundle Half Price Deal

If you watched the video below, you already know how important it is to add flaxseed lignans to your daily diet. It just makes no sense not to, especially when Bionatures makes it so affordable. Our Breast Health Starter Package consists of 1 lb of our very special Vita Flax Complete, a combination of shaved flaxseed hulls and a specific milk protein. The addition of the protein makes the essential fatty acids in the flaxseeds water soluble, and more absorbable by the body.

Then we add a bottle of our organic lignan flaxseed oil capsules, "Lignan-10", to complete the package. This guarantees you are getting the maximum benefit from these miracle plant phytosterols, lignans.  

Don't wait, the statistics for breast cancer in the US are staggering. Take the extra step to protect yourself today. SHOP NOW