Coral Calcium Plus 240 Capsules

$ 37.94

BioNatures’ Coral Calcium + Magnesium has incorporated two highly beneficial minerals in one easy to use supplement. Essential in the development and maintenance of healthy bones and skeletal tissue, BioNatures’ Coral Calcium + Magnesium is a safe and effective way to attain positive structural longevity.

All Bionatures coral is harvested from an above sea area. Thousands of years ago, this coral was a thriving coral reef. Geologically, this coral was pushed up above sea level, free from the ocean pollution of the industrial era.

Only the pristine white coral heads are harvested. This harvesting process involves removal of the protective layer of soil that accumulated over the years and collecting the ancient coral. After the coral is collected, it is ground into fine powder. The ground coral is purified in a vacuum ozone chamber and then shipped to us. This protects the living coral reefs and ocean environment from the effects of vacuuming the shallow ocean floor, which is another method of harvesting coral calcium.

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