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Digest-Ease digestive enzymes formula is back and better than ever. Re-formulated to provide the most effective digestive enzymes in an all in one formula.

What's in it?

  • aspergillopepsin -  breaks down gluten
  • protease – breaks down proteins found in meats, nuts, eggs, and cheese
  • amylase – breaks down carbohydrates, starches, and sugars which are prevalent in potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and many snack foods
  • lipase – breaks down fats found in most dairy products, nuts, oils, and meat
  • cellulase – breaks down cellulose, plant fiber; not found in humans
  • glucoamylase – breaks down starch into glucose 
  • invertase – breaks down sucrose (table sugar) 
  • alpha-galactosidase – facilitates digestion of beans, legumes, seeds, 
  • roots, soy products, and underground stems
  • beta-glucanase represents a group of carbohydrate enzymes which break down glycosidic bonds within beta-glucan.
  • pectinase – breaks down the pectin in fruit 
  • xylanase – breaks down xylan sugars, works well with grains such as corn 
  • phytase – digests phytic acid, allows minerals such as calcium, zinc, 
  • copper, manganese, etc. to be more available by the body, but does not break down any food proteins 
  • Hemicellulose is an enzyme that allows us to break down the fibers and absorbs the nutritional content of fruits, vegetables, and grains
  • lactase – breaks down lactose (milk sugars)
  • bromelain – derived from pineapple, breaks down a broad spectrum of proteins, has anti-inflammatory properties, effective over very wide pH range 
  • papain – derived from raw papaya, a broad range of substrates and pH, works well breaking down small and large proteins
  • peptidase – breaks down small peptide proteins into amino acids 

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